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Brit Nicole

the big bad wolf

I help entrepreneurs



I’m glad you asked.

Listen up, bruh! I’ve got this super-duper, mind-blowing ability to turn the shittiest of situations into financial gains; my friends oddly call it my superpower. With my genius strategies, I’ve managed to build a financial legacy for my munchkins while keeping those mischievous troublemakers and those pesky AI robots at bay. Trust me, I’ve got the recipe for financial success that even makes AI shake in its boots! Call me a financial wizard, because I’ve cracked the code to turning misfortunes into dolla dolla bills and overpowering folks who want to swipe ’em. Pow!

So, picture this: I’ve got a superpower that lets me flip challenges on their heads. It’s akin to the ultimate party trick, except it works for me each and every time. It’s basically the craziest plot twist children’s story you’ve ever heard. You know, the one with those three silly little pigs and a pesky wolf? In my rendition, those foolish pigs represent the doubters and schemers. The ones who said I couldn’t make a decent living from photography and those who foolishly attempted to exploit my extensive 17 years of experience instead of making their own path forward. And who am I, you might ask? I’m the Big Bad Wolf, and I’m not having any of their nonsense. I blow their houses down, and I keep blazing my own trail. It’s like a comedy show, but with a real-life, comeback, redemption twist! So, sit back, relax, and get ready to use my party tricks for your own trailblazing adventure.

I’ve mastered the art of transforming challenges into triumphs, and I’m stoked to unveil my winning formula. Unlike the exclusive recipe at Chick-Fil-A, which surely must hail straight from Jesus himself, I will guide you in creating a rock-solid financial foundation as well as safeguarding your creative assets against economic uncertainties and unsavory individuals. Consider me your indispensable ally, ready to unleash your hidden potential and pave the path towards success.


I’m Brit, your ultimate inspirer, motivator, and protector. 


Risk taker.

I have mastered the art of transforming challenges into opportunities, and now I am here to share my winning formula with you. Consider me your ultimate source of inspiration, motivation, and protection. I have honed my skills over 17 years of acclaimed photography experience, and I have evolved into a speaker figure, branding coach, consultant, course creator, and motivational speaker. I am your unwavering support system, here to keep you going even when the economy is tough, even when others try to steal your creative work. You need someone like me – a risk-taker, a trailblazer – to help you fully protect your business in this AI-dominated world while turning it into a lasting financial legacy.

My journey didn’t start with high-ranking connections. Quite the opposite. I started from scratch, with nothing but a burning passion and an indomitable spirit. And today I stand proud, having been featured in numerous articles, sharing my opinions and insights, and giving impactful interviews. It’s truly incredible how far I’ve come, considering I didn’t even graduate college. But that’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit, my friend. It knows no boundaries, it thrives on passion, and it can take you places you never imagined.

“We only have one life to live… there’s no reason why I can’t live life the way I dream. No one is going to stop me, not even a recession”



Are you ready to turn your passion into a thriving reality? Are you tired of searching for jobs and waiting for opportunities to come your way? It’s time to take control of your destiny and let the money come to you.

Let me guide you, empower you, and show you how to establish your empire – fully protected from those who are not willing to put in the work themselves.

You will come out on top. The first step is usually the hardest, but in this case, it should be the easiest. Let me help you!

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Yeah… pretty cool for a small town girl who didn’t graduate college.

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