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You Don’t Stand Out In The Sea Of Photographers And You’re Losing Money From It…

Because You Don’t Know HOW To. Luckily, I do. I will video myself editing your session or wedding with my preset while giving constrictive criticism



Personalized Photo Editing & Critique Services

Are you a photographer looking to enhance your editing skills and take your images to the next level? You’re getting overlooked by everyone because there’s nothing standing out from the thousands of photographers clients see online every day.

I am offering a, personalized photo editing and critique services. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or a portrait artist, this service is designed to provide you with the tools and insights to improve your workflow, editing techniques, and overall photographic style. 

All done by video so you can replay as many times as you need.


Do These Sound familiar?

I will accept your whole portrait session or wedding gallery. I will cull them, edit them with brit nicole preset, and critique them. All on video for you to re-watch and apply the lessons



Inconsistent Visual Branding:

Your photos lack a cohesive style, making it hard for potential clients to recognize your unique work. This inconsistency could be costing you clients and revenue.



Poor Image Quality:

Despite capturing great shots, your photos lose their impact in the editing process. This can lead to dissatisfaction from clients and a negative impact on your reputation and earning potential.



Absence of Unique Style

Your photos don’t stand out in the crowded photography market. Without a distinctive style or aesthetic, it’s challenging to attract and retain clients, impacting your revenue.

Your photos are just like everyone else’s, with the same pose, same angle. You don’t know how to change it up



Limited Editing Knowledge

You’re struggling to maximize the potential of your shots during post-processing. As a result, your photos lack the polished look that professional editing can provide, causing you to lose out to competitors.



Slow Editing Process:

Your lengthy post-processing workflow is eating up time that could be used for shooting more sessions or marketing your business. This inefficiency is slowing your business growth and reducing your income.



Difficulty in Retaining Clients:

Without professional editing skills to create breathtaking images, clients might choose not to return or refer others to your services. This lack of client retention and referral can significantly impact your profitability.

What if I said…

I had this exact problem!

Seventeen years ago, I was just like you. My photos looked like any beginner’s, lost in the sea of photographers. I struggled with editing, my workflow was inefficient, and I couldn’t seem to get that “professional” look where it would make me more money. But instead of giving up, I committed to learning. I attended workshops, took courses, and practiced tirelessly, slowly transforming my work. Over time, my unique style emerged, my editing improved, and clients started to notice.

Now, I’m using my experience to guide other photographers. I’ve turned my struggles into lessons to help you avoid the same pitfalls, accelerate your learning, and reach your photography potential faster.

Now when you look at my photos, you KNOW Brit Nicole took it.


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