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Are you ready to take your convention or workshop to the next level where attendees will truly leave changed for the better? Look no further than Brit Nicole, an expert photographer with 17 years of experience in the industry. With a strong belief in the power of the tongue in how we speak, as well as ethics and morals in the world of photography, Brit Nicole has successfully protected her own business in federal court against those who don’t share those same values. Now, she’s ready to share her extensive knowledge and expertise with you and your guests.

Imagine your attendees walking away from Brit Nicole’s engaging and informative presentations with real changes to implement in their businesses. Brit Nicole covers important topics that an astonishing amount of people do not know about, from copyright protection to AI threats and legal considerations. By providing valuable insights and practical strategies, Brit Nicole empowers small business owners to overcome financial instability, pricing confusion, legal disputes, and other challenges that arise in the photography industry.


Have you been searching for someone who brings actionable strategies that empower attendees to address real-world challenges?

Small business owners grapple with current financial instability, pricing confusion, legal disputes, difficulty balancing artistry with business, intense industry competition, self-doubt, inadequate financial planning, concerns about AI, and resistance to change.



Expertise and Knowledge:

From someone who has been in the thick of it within the Federal Court System and built a sustainable financial legacy from the ground up. All odds have been against me, and I have the passion to bring your guests back to life.



Unique Perspective:

I can resonate with a diverse audience and stimulate thought-provoking discussions. My engaging and witty speaking style ensures that audiences are not only informed but also entertained, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.




The topics I cover – including copyright protection, AI threats, and legal considerations – are highly relevant and essential in today’s photography landscape, making my insights invaluable.




My journey as a successful business owner who, as a public speaker, can inspire others to pursue their passions and dreams within the photography industry, and make sure guests are fully protected from the start.

What if I said…

I had this exact problem!

I have lived the life of following what everyone else is doing, taking advice from photographers who can’t even clear 80k a year, and living in the dark. I brought myself out of those situations and taught myself HOW to overcome and be a trailblazer. I took things into my own hands.

I’ve navigated the complex legal process to protect my business, so you don’t have to. Let me guide you through the right steps for you to protect your livelihoodavoid costly court battles, and gain invaluable insights from my journey.


It’s time for a change

Brit Nicole’s voice and story is powerful

Brit Nicole’s voice and story are powerful. She can tailor content to align perfectly with the audience’s specific needs and interests, ensuring a meaningful and relevant experience for all.



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With 17 years of experience, I have a deep understanding of photography, encompassing destination elopements, boudoir, family photography and more. I have successfully built and managed my photography business, which involves leadership, management, branding, marketing, and financial expertise. I have established a financial legacy for my children with learning how to manage money in the photography world.

I offer mentor coaching to other photographers, helping them navigate the photography industry, enhance their skills, pinpoint what areas they can thrive in, and motivating them to achieve financial success. I have walked the road of protecting my business from someone using my copyrights for their own unlawful gains. I have experience in what it takes to protect my assets from going to federal court, and firsthand knowledge to help others fight against the threat of AI + immoral people attempting to take advantage of their work.

My speaking style is relatable and powerful. I am able to shed light on some of the darkest areas, all while making people laugh. I interact with the audience to establish a personal connection because I want them to have a true, meaningful, and realistic experience that will help them outside of a convention.

I have different speaking options. Reach out to me so we can see what fits you best. Currently booking 2024 + 2025

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